Breaking Changes

Version 4.6 onwards

  • If you are using hooks, make sure you run sudo ./ again - it will create additional files in /var/lib/zmeventnotification
  • The hook files and are now called and Furthermore, these scripts no longer reside in /usr/bin. They will now reside in /var/lib/zmeventnotification/bin. I suppose I did not need to namespace and move, but I thought of the latter after I did the namespace changing.
  • If you are using face recognition, 4.6.1 and above now allow multiple faces per person. Note that it is recommended you train them before you run detection. See the documentation for it in Machine Learning Hooks.

Version 4.4 onwards

  • If you are using picture messaging, then the URL format has changed. Please REMOVE &username=<user>&password=<passwd> from the URL and put them into the picture_portal_username and picture_portal_password fields respectively

Version 4.1 onwards

  • Hook versions will now always be <ES version>.x, so in this case 4.1.x
  • Hooks have now migrated to using a proper python ZM logger module so it better integrates with ZM logging
  • To view detection logs, you now need to follow the standard ZM logging process. See Logging documentation for more details)
  • You no longer have to manually install python requirements, the setup process should automatically install them
  • If you are using MQTT and your MQTT:Simple library was installed a while ago, you may need to update it. A new login method was added to that library on Dec 2018 which is required (ref)

Version 3.9 onwards

  • Hooks now add ALPR, so you need to run sudo -H pip install -r requirements.txt again
  • See modified objectconfig.ini if you want to add ALPR. Currently works with, so you will need an API key. See hooks docs for more info

Version 3.7 onwards

  • There were some significant changes to ZM (will be part of 1.34), which includes migration to Bcrypt for passwords. Changes were made to support Bcrypt, which means you will have to add additional libraries. See the installation guide.

version 3.3 onwards

  • Please use yes or no instead of 1 and 0 in zmeventnotification.ini to maintain consistency with objectconfig.ini
  • In zmeventnotification.ini, store_frame_in_zm is now hook_pass_image_path

version 3.2 onwards

  • Changes in paths for everything. - event server config file now defaults to /etc/zm
  • hook config now defaults to /etc/zm
  • Push token file now defaults to /var/lib/zmeventnotification/push
  • all object detection data files default to /var/lib/zmeventnotification
  • If you are migrating from a previous version:
    • Make a copy of your /etc/zmeventnotification.ini and /var/detect/objectconfig.ini (if you are using hooks)
    • Run sudo -H ./ again inside the repo, let it set up all the files
    • Compare your old config files to the news ones at /etc/zm and make necessary changes
    • Make sure everything works well
    • You can now delete the old /var/detect folder as well as /etc/zmeventnotification.ini
    • Run zmNinja again to make sure its token is registered in the new tokens file (in /var/lib/zmeeventnotification/push/tokens.txt)